How Beneficial Is a Video Marketing Strategy for Growing Businesses?

A video marketing strategy isn’t a new concept. For ages, people have been advertising on television and taking their businesses forward. But now, with the revolution in technology and the supreme dominance of YouTube, and social media platforms, videos that involve a much wider scope and little investment are rampant in the business world.

Video marketing is a fundamental technique to expand your reach to maximum audiences and is certainly ruling the social media arena. Although all businesses need videos to thrive in their respective areas, this article is specifically targeted toward small and growing businesses. They have immense potential, and they must explore all the opportunities related to videos to scale up their businesses and brands. 

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Let us understand the importance of video marketing through some facts and stats:

Small and growing businesses need to work on their search engine rankings and rank well.

  • It has been observed that if a business posts a video on its official YouTube channel, it has a 52 times more likely chance to reach page one of the Google search engine as compared to any other kind of advertising done, for example, using text.
  • With smartphones so rampant among consumers, the chances are that people will end up watching brand-related videos 1.5 times more than on any other device.
  • With a 15% annual growth in revenue for the video industry, the culture and trend are here to stay and are not going anywhere soon.
  • 86% of business marketing professionals prefer using video content, claiming that it has fared well in attracting more leads to their businesses.
  • With social media platforms thriving with video content, every day, 100 million hours of videos are watched and posted on Facebook.

Considering the facts, there is no reason why your business should be left behind when it comes to using videos to advertise your brand.

Important Video Options

You can create amazing marketing videos using an online video editor to promote your business:

  • Instructional Videos – Consumers generally look for new products for solutions to existing problems or needs that they may have. If you make instructional and educational videos on any given topic or product, it can help your viewers and attract the right kind of attention. For example, if you’re dealing with a beauty-related brand, you can post videos on how people can take care of their skin or hair. These videos intrigue the consumer range and invite them to your webpage.
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  • 360-degree Videos – The audience is always curious about what your brand is, how your employees work, how your business functions, what kind of work culture is adopted by your brand, and employee engagement strategies that are used by the business. Everything about the business intrigues the viewer. It is like a celebrity that people want to know everything about. The more open you are about the functioning of your business, the higher will be your consumer engagement rate. Make videos providing 360 -degree information about your brand.
  • Product Videos – These are informative videos that tell your audience everything about what your product looks like, its benefits, how it works, and more. You can also include snippets to show the working culture of your business, how and why these products are created, unboxing videos, behind-the-scenes, and the company’s main goals. Simply create impressive introductions and modify your videos using an easy video editor, and upload your content using multiple platforms to attract as many customers as possible.
  • FAQ Videos – Posting videos on FAQs are a great way to clear doubts and address objections in a very engaging way.
How to develop a video marketing strategy for small business

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Benefits of Video Marketing for Small and New Businesses

Using video marketing to promote your small business has several benefits, including:

Enhanced Brand Awareness

Video marketing talks about the USPs of your brand and the kind of business and products you are dealing in and incorporates various factors, like tone, logo, and CTA, that are associated only with your brand. These factors enable videos to enhance the brand reach and make it recognizable among your target audiences.

Video Helps Track ROI

By tracking impressions, ratings, lead generation, audience retention, and CTAs, you can develop a video campaign strategy that wins customers. Videos can be reused across different platforms, making them an influential and integral part of your marketing budget.

Enhanced SEO

Videos can bring your business to the top charts of search engines. Creating your videos with the right keywords, hashtags, CTAs, thumbnails, titles, descriptions, etc., will improve your SEO and rank higher when customers search for similar products, services, or businesses.

Especially with keyword-enhanced content and engaging, educational, and interactive videos attached to their official channels. And since YouTube is owned by Google, the impact of videos on search engine rankings has increased significantly. Use meaningful, keyword-specific titles and descriptions with effective backlinks to your website or product!

The Beginner's Guide to YouTube Marketing for Small Businesses

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Enable Social Media Sharing

Businesses can increase their customer reach and brand awareness by posting videos to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, which are better suited to grab customer attention through sharing, likes, and comments. Your videos are encouraging viewers to share with the community. People share branded videos with their friends if the video is interesting and different from all other branded videos they have seen before. This will drive more traffic to your official social media accounts and website.

Convenient and Inexpensive 

Create, modify, edit and upload innovative videos anytime from your smartphone. You may not even need an expert to help you create your video. You simply need a video editor to make your promotional video concise, visually soothing, and SEO-enriched.

A well-edited and well-drafted video can increase your search engine rankings and will be noticed by your target audience in no time. Uploading videos to your social media handles are mostly free and easy.

Videos Build Trust

Videos allow people to recognize you. The strategy strengthens brand connections and partnerships. Audiences are more engaged and, as a result, form a stronger bond and interest in the information they see. This is very important for small businesses that want to establish their brand and rely on repeat customers to instill customer trust.

Tell a Stronger Story

There is no better way to attract more consumers than a compelling story, especially one that engages your biggest advocates, your existing customers. You can personally document customer testimonials and highlight your products and services in the form of stories.

Track Consumption Patterns

Video metrics have evolved along with video, making it easier to track consumer wants, choices, preferences, and demands. Several metrics tell a lot about consumer choices, such as shares, comments, likes, CTR rate, etc., which help small businesses track consumption patterns.

Show Some Personality

Humans don’t like interacting with automated machines or robots. Video marketing removes that barrier by allowing humans to hear and discover you. This will enable consumers to connect with people at every step and get different types of content information.


Use a constructive video marketing strategy and take it to social media platforms and digital channels to expand your horizon. Videos are a must for new and small businesses. Even well-established ones depend on video marketing to maintain their position as leaders. You can continue using the traditional modes of marketing, but you must not ignore this contemporary and fundamental marketing technique that can help you scale your business and take it to newer heights.

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